Eric Eross, DO.

Eric Eross, DO, Director of The Scottsdale Headache Center at ANI, worked as both an Associate Neurology Consultant and headache medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. These positions were preceded by neurology training at the University of Texas and a two year headache medicine fellowship at the Mayo Clinic under the supervision of a world renowned headache specialist. He is now fortunate enough to serve as an Assistant Professor at Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM), clinical contributing editor to the journal Headache Currents, and Professional Society Liaison for the American Headache Society.

Our headache program offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to headache management that not only utilizes traditional pharmaceuticals but also includes expertise in biofeedback, stress management, physical medicine /physical therapy, osteopathic manipulative medicine, acupuncture, medical massage therapy and herbal remedies. Our patients also have access to the most advanced headache procedures available including: chemodenervation / Botox© therapy, occipital nerve blocks, occipital nerve stimulation, "blood patches", trigger point injections, medial nerve branch blocks and other cervical spine procedures. The center's research arm also enables patients to have access to the most "cutting-edge" therapies often before they are available to the general public.